Owner requirement is more to quality of sound rather than ecstatic.He chose to use our Steinway Model D Tower speaker, and with Steinway Lyngdorf flexibility of mixing and matching different series of speaker, a Model M center speaker is added for viewing of Movies.


As cabinet space is limited, only the Steinway Processor and Blu ray player and CD player were able to fit into the cabinet , all the Steinway amplifiers are hide away into the top cabinet which the owner need not access them. Steinway Amplifiers has no buttons on them, they turn on automatically when the system is switch on by remote. All the equipment and processors are linked with a single cat5/6 cable making cable management neat and easy. Once again thanks to Steinway ease of installation.

This Living room does not have proper acoustic treatment and the right wall is a full height glass door stretches from front to rear of the room, but with the help of Steinway Room Perfect, acoustic challengers solution these are taken care for.

System used:
Steinway Lyngdorf Model D & M 7.2 system with in ceiling surrounds.

Owner is happy with the system especially he can watch movies and listen to his favourite songs using the same system.