Welcome to OhmSound

Before you explore our site... We think it’s important to tell you what we’re not. We’re not a company which simply sends people to install equipment in your home.

We are specialist-
Expert and Specialist

We are specialist- Expert and Specialist

We’re specialists in customizing solutions to fit space, environment and décor. And also in retrofitting and updating existing systems. Experts on the very latest video and audio equipment, speakers, acoustics, home lighting and automation technology, and installation.

We are Consultants

We are Consultants

For audio/video, home theatre, lighting and home automation design projects, working with clients to understand their needs and goals and providing beautiful, cost-effective solutions.

We are Professionals

We are Professionals

Who meet deadlines, provide top-notch client service, and pay attention to every detail of every project, large and small.

About OhmSound

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach so many companies take to home theater, lighting or automation.
Instead, we take a three-step approach to any consultation.

  1. We take the time to fully understand your goals and desires for your room or living space, the “look and feel” you’re aiming for, and the budget you have to work with. We’ll also work hand-in-hand with your architect or interior designer, if appropriate.
  2. We do a full physical assessment of your space, including complete acoustic measurements, to determine the best approach to equipment and speaker placement.
  3. We provide a comprehensive proposal explaining the exact equipment and installation approaches we suggest, and why we’ve suggested them. We’ll then work with you to make any needed adjustments to fit your desires and budget. We’ll also show you ways you can add elements to your project to create a whole home automation system.
Only then do we move forward with our careful, professional installation work. At OhmSound, we consider the consultation and design process just as important as the hands-on work.
We love designing custom solutions, whether it’s installing high-end speakers into spaces where they normally wouldn’t fit, “hiding” large subwoofers so they don’t disrupt the look of your décor, or finding a way to deliver optimal sound in a room that’s odd-shaped or has cathedral ceilings.

We also know the best methods for retrofitting existing video/audio installation, upgrading components and speakers to dramatically improve performance without ripping everything apart and starting over.
Everyone at OhmSound takes great pride in our work and our customer service.
They’re summarized in the pledges we make to our clients:

  • We’ll respond to your calls promptly and efficiently.
  • We’ll listen carefully to your needs, desires and concerns, and tailor our recommendation to fit your décor and aesthetic goals.
  • We’ll always be frank and completely honest with you.
  • We’ll only recommend the equipment and components that are essential.
  • We’ll provide 100% professional work and 100% professional attitude.
  • We’ll pay attention to every detail of your project, and make sure you’re satisfied.
Your home theater, audio or video system, lighting system and whole home automation aren’t expenses – they’re investments. We look forward to working with you to ensure you receive the best return for those investments. Please call us now for your free consultation.