Honolulu Tower


To build a family entertainment area in the living room for watching movies and listening music.


The irregular shape of the living room and the full glass doors at the front stage wall leading to the outdoor Japanese garden poses a major challenge. The owner’s requirement is to have an unobstructed view of the garden while in the room when listening to music. Using a conventional fix mounted speaker at the center of the glass door would not be possible as this will block part of the garden view. We customized a center motorized lift to elevate the center speaker up when listening to music and down when watching movie together with a Stewart Motorized acoustic transparent screen. All the switching is done remotely on the IPAD.

Find a suitable space for subwoofers is our next challenge. The customized solution is a 2 x Line source woofers (total 12 x 10″ woofers) which fit nicely at both extreme corners of the living room, the subwoofers are out of view as they are hidden behind the curtains. The only speakers in full view is the beautiful Steinway Model C speakers. The rest of the surround speakers are Steinway in ceiling speakers.

Systems used:
Steinway Lyngdorf Model C & M 7.2 surround system.
Stewart filemscreen
Sony 4K projector

Overall this is a very powerful system and the sound is fantastic. Setting up is quite straight forward except we have to carry the long Line source woofers all the way up from 1st to 13th floor, but it’s worth the effort when the owner is totally satisfied with the garden view and the realism sound.