Bukit Timah


To build a high gloss cabinet with installation of the Steinway High Gloss Model M front speakers. A big TV for News and TV programs, a 120” motorized screen for movies.


Installing powerful high fidelity system into cabinet structure is a demanding job even for expert consultants like us, as the cabinet structure will add unnecessary vibration/noise to the overall sound production. To keep the unwanted vibration under control we have decided to use thick front wood for cabinet panel, and all hollow section are stuff and compressed with rockwool to reduce hollow sound. Thanks to the special design Steinway speaker bracket resonance are further reduce.

As the owner loves the high gloss cabinet and with the projection screen installed here we need extra care to minimize reflection of the projector’s light source coming from the cabinet as the seating area is directly opposite to the cabinet. The glare from the cabinet’s reflection can be rather unpleasant.

The home theater system was commissioned after completing the all the interior design (ID) work. With most of the installation needed to be retrofited, it is a very challenging job especially installation of the motorised screen.

We are not allowed to cut a new access hole in the ceiling and,the only route to bring the screen up is thru the existing access hole which is not in the ideal location, it’s a very tough solution but we did it, and the screen came down from where we wanted it.

In addition, owner wanted to add a karaoke system into this setup. But by adding a pair of karaoke speakers to this beautiful setup will spoil the overall look of the front feature wall, the ID consultant rejected our standard karaoke speakers as they are too bulky and too commercial. To meet the strict ID specification we deployed very slim speakers that are suitable for karaoke singing installing them into the wall covering them with acoustic fabric. This gives an illusion making them disappear visually yet functional.

Since this room doesn’t have any acoustic treatment and with its full height window on right side wall acoustic control is lacking to create a pleasurable listening environment. Thank to Steinway system again for coming out with the fantastic calibration software to counter these acoustic issues.

Systems used:
Steinway Lyngdorf Model M 7.2 system with 4 x back firing 12″ Woofers.
Runco Projection
Oppo Blu Ray Player

Project complexity is extremely high, and with the uncompromising interior design standard this project has put our best skill to the ultimate test, we are glad we succeeded and would do it all over again. Owners are very satisfied with the sound and video and overall look of the entertainment room, their parting comments “Money Well Spent!”