Customize installation for Steinway Lyngdorf LS stereo system into slim featured wall.


The owner being a music lover wanted to access high quality music while enjoying his meals in the dining area, which is adjacent to the living room. The owner also wanted a balance sound volume throughout the entire house; people seated at the living room and dining area will enjoy the same level of volume without being too loud or too sound at certain locations with comfort in mind.

First challenge, with the dining table about 10 meters away from the sound point source, to achieve a balance sound volume from a typical point source system will be difficult for the whole house – we recommended the Steinway Lyngdorf LS stereo system for this.

Second challenge, the interior design team allocated a depth of 150mm to install both the main speakers and subwoofers, which is an extremely narrow space; especially for the subwoofers. To meet this tough challenge we decided to use the highly customized Steinway Lyngdorf slim woofers, which gives control of the depth of the speakers. After the final installation we still have a very small 1-2mm space around the speakers which we decorated with special designed strings to enhance the visual aesthetic, we are indeed proud with this precision installation. Every detail of the cabinet are taken into consideration making sure there is minimum or no resonance created by loose joint or hollow section which can impede the quality of sound reproduction


Steinway Lyngdorf 2.2 Model LS system

8 x Line source modules

12 x 10″ woofers

P1 Processor

A1 Amplifiers.

Final result, a very powerful and fine piece of stereo system that can hear every detail of the music which envolope the whole floor.