Build a dedicated home theater and karaoke system integrating all the functionality with IPAD control.


Movies is priority and the owners have requested for larger screen, the Steinway S series with LS woofers was recommended to meet this need. To maximize the Ambient Enhancing Radiation (AER) Dipole effect of the Model S we have chosen to install it on the wall rather inside the wall offering a clearer view and richer hue contrast. Being a compact system it is powerful enough to deliver spacious surround sound in the listening room.

The bulky commercial looking karaoke speakers are hidden behind the acoustically transparent fabric. With all the equipment stored neatly into the corner shelves a Crestron control system together with the IPAD gives the owners full control over the system in a single touch.

The hollow wooden raised floor which was being installed before the owner started to shop around for sound system was a major challenge. The floor adds unwanted low frequency resonance to the system sound when the subwoofers are in action. To mitigate we resolve by filling the entire hollow section with rockwool to get rid most of the unwanted resonance to make the low end more define and pleasurable.

Systems used:
Steinway Lyngdorf Model S series with LS Woofers.
Digital Projection M Vision 400 3D Projector.

A very satisfying projects meeting the owners need to maintain the nice decor and create superb sound. Owner is happy with his home theater and the room is utilized for both movies and karaoke sessions…